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26th to 30 March 2018

Jérôme D'Orso


Actor, acrobat, dancer, tight-rope walker.


Besides holding diplomas in biology and psychology, Jerome has been a professional performing artist since 2001. His artistic interest lies in three areas: the traditional Vietnamese martial arts of the Sa Long Cuong school (taught by Luong Truong My), circus arts and strongly influenced by Jonathon Sutton's acrobatic theatre. Also the movement analysis system developed by Frey Faust "The Axis Syllabus" for which he holds the teacher's certification.

In 2001 he co-founded the collective Les Arts Felus, with whom he created several performances for the theater and the street.

He also worked alternately as a dancer, coach, and rehearsal director for several other companies: Thierry Thieu Niang, Hélène Cathala, Félicette Chazerand, Laurent Zizerman and Gaël Baron, Elsa Rauch, Yann Lheureux and the Ornic’art collective.


He has always felt that his study and practice as an artist was synonymous with the pedagogical transmission of what he was learning. Today, besides offering open workshops, he teaches in hospitals, prisons, grade schools and manages and staffs his own circus school in Venellles, France.


He has never lost his passion for questing the aerial space defined by a 12mm cable under tension and for the transposition of today's dance into this medium.



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