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In process

The Axis Syllabus archive holds collected information on experience and knowledge. The AS provides tips to help us assess and design the most appropriate strategy to face, survive and turn a given context in our favor. 

Internal and external circumstances continue to vary. Any action has consequences, creates reactions and so on in a never ending chain…

During the wks we will look intently at the body's reoccurring, interwoven fractal paradigms. We will consider how we enter into relationship with our body, with the environment, and with others as we dance.


Saturday & Sunday

10h to 16h30

Direct live in the studio online Morning classes

with Francesca Pedullà & Frey Faust 

10h to 12h

Lunch break

Creative Lab afternoons with Anne-Cécile Chane-Tune based on the principles of the mornings

13h30 to 16h30


Weekend 3 & 4 October 

Infini Théâtre

rue St-Josse 49

1210 Bruxelles

Metro/bus Madou

Adaptation is not only our topic but it also informs the format that will host the workshop, which will take place in anyway but we will react to the situation as it unfolds and the given possibilities… indoor, outdoor or partially on line…

Stay tuned and help us to support our right as human beings to share the bodily experience with others .

Frey Faust, Francesca Pedullà, Anne Cecile Chane-Tune

©Barbara Cali


Sliding scale

2 days workshop :

Tight budget : 120

Regular price : 150

Support price : 180

Give us hand with the organisation by communicating with us 

Thanks in advance !

Inscription procedure

Write us a mail at


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